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Training on the production of Liquid Cassava Starch (LCS) organized by CAVA II was recently conducted for small scale processors of cassava root. The training which was conducted at National Root Crop Research Institute (NRCRI), Umidike, Abia State, from 6th to 8th December, 2016 had in attendance a total of sixteen (16) participants (8 males and 8 females). According to CAVA II consultant, Dr Adewuyi S. of the Department of Chemistry, Federal University of Agriculture , Abeokuta, LCS is a modified cold water starch used to stiffen textile and other related fabrics. It is simply used in cold (room temperature) water or directly on the material to be treated. It can be in wet liquid pack and can also be found in aerosol pack. It is a unique product, cheap and easy to produce; also the required raw materials are readily available.

Owing to these advantages and the yearnings of the small scale processors of cassava root, the training was inevitable. The training was a huge success and the immediate feedback from the participants which involve farmers of cassava, entrepreneurs on various cassava products as well as local processors of cassava root with strong willingness to learn the skill was encouraging. All the participants had adequate practical knowledge of how to make LCS and at the end of the training sessions, it was established that the use of cassava starch in LSC ensures very good profit without changing the desired quality.